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Aboriginal Mats - Come in for a Yarn Door Mat

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Come In For A Yarn is a light-hearted Aboriginal design recycled door mat, perfect for your home, office or classroom. What better way to welcome someone and invite them into your home than by asking them to stay for a chat? Having a yarn can mean a casual catch up or a more substantial discussion of the issues of the day. Either way, this is one welcome mat that makes people feel at home straight away.

Helen Price is a Queensland-based Indigenous artist, from Darumbal country. Price’s art uses the symbols of nature to share stories about our own life’s journeys. In Come In For A Yarn we notice animal prints alongside different sizes of human feet. Everyone is welcome here!

Like all of the authentic, Indigenous design reading mats, picnic mats and floor rugs available from Recycled Mats, Come In For A Yarn is easy to care for, store and transport. Made from 100% recycled rubber and plastics, dust and food spills wipe away with ease, making this a mat you can use inside or outside, at home or in the community.

This cleverly designed Indigenous door mat is brightly coloured to match any décor or to bring a splash of colour (and culture!) to a classroom. Use this design with kids to generate discussions about nature, art, colour and Indigenous symbolism. Why not pair it with one of the fun multicultural games available from Recycled Mats? 

Being lightweight and compact, Come In For A Yarn is a great souvenir of your Australian travels or gift for international family and friends.   


General specifications for all our recycled welcome door mats:

  • 42.5cm x 62.5 cm in size and 6 mm thick.
  • Made from recycled car tyres and PET drink bottles.
  • The print uses the latest high tech printing processes and is durable, permanent and vividly colourful.
  • For additional protection, all mats are treated with Stain Guard for protection from spills. The print and mat have an expected 5-year lifespan.
  • They may be used both indoors and out, although long-term sun exposure may fade your mat sooner than if kept in the shade.
  • Mats can be cleaned with warm soapy water, vacuumed or given a once over with a gerni if very dirty (ensure gerni is held at least 2 feet away from the mat).

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