Aboriginal Mats - Ginga Runner
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Aboriginal Mats - Ginga Runner

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Size: 1.8 x 0.9m

Created by artist Dale Austin, this striking design in Black, Red and Yellow, featuring Australia's largest reptile makes a huge visual impact for any setting. All of our Indigenous designs have been created with a story or meaning behind them. Dale Austin draws from his culture's Dreamtime for the inspiration behind this design. 

"In our culture, we believe that the world always existed, but long ago before the Dreamtime could be counted, it had no shape. The land was featureless without rivers or mountains and without life on it or in the oceans. There were no fish, grass, singing birds or trees. But lying below the surface, were creator spirits, waiting to make their way up for creation time.

During creation time, Ginga was first a man. One day while sleeping by the billabong in the dry grass. He was unaware of a fire approaching. As the fire became closer and closer, Ginga felt the warmth in his dream. Then with a gust of wind, the fire had leapt onto him. He jumped to his feet with the fire burning into his skin causing instant deformities all over his body. He ran as fast as he could to the water and jumped into the billabong. With the fire cooling & bubbling his skin became rough and scaley, it was at this point that then turned himself into Ginga.

Always aware, always around, but never seen as he did not want people to see his grotesque body," says Dale. 

Crocodiles - the great survivors from their prehistoric ancestors. They are a representation of strength and resilience within the animal kingdom and play an important role in keeping waterways and aquatic ecosystems healthy. Celebrate Indigenous Australian Dreamtime and our native fauna by including this crocodile mat in your indoor or outdoor lifestyle.

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