Learn the Art of Weaving

Our collective offer one-of-a-kindness experiences with renowned fibre artists. We encourage you to take time to be mindful and learn the traditional art of weaving during your time in the tropical north. Corporate and community groups can book weaving circle sessions via Starwin to Learn the Art of Weaving as a way to connect, create and celebrate. 


Kakan WeavingDelissa (Ngadijina) ~ is a nationally recognised artist who specialises in the practice of traditional basket weaving using traditional Kakan fibre from the Daintree region.

Kokonut Weaving: Heneba Gutchen, is a Traditional Torres Strait Islander Weaver & Cultural Facilitator, with ancestral knowledge passed down to her, from respected elders, she strives to continue sharing the preservation of cultural practices using coconut leaf.


Marine Debris Weaving: Aly de Groot is a renowned environmental artist and facilitates sessions using marine debris to make one-of-a-kindness creations. Business Events Australia crafted this story about the sessions



Wangatunga Weaving: Tiwi elders from Wurrumiyanga generously share their stories through song and weaving circles. They have passed their knowledge on to ReTelling country, an emerging weaving practitioner. 

Availability for sessions depends on seasonal and/or cultural obligations. We invite you to e: karina@starwin.com.au to request a quote and make a booking. All session fees include; materials, facilitation, catering and venue hire (public liability). 


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