OLD - Social Enterprise

Social enterprise is a growing movement…

Starwin is a leading social enterprise in the NT and we create opportunities to showcase other social and community enterprises.

So what is social enterprise? Simply it is a solution…it is a business created to further a social purpose in a financially sustainable way.

For Starwin this centres around three principles:

  • Marketability – provide income generation opportunities for people who need a ‘hand up’ not a ‘hand out’
  • Sustainability – the generation of income from sales is reinvested to achieve a mission. We do not depend on philanthropy and can provide services over the long-term.
  • Flexibility – our model can be expanded or replicated to other communities to generate more impact.

More and more entrepreneurs and investors are realising that social and financial returns are not mutually exclusive.

We encourage any organisation to consider reinvesting financial returns into the community to further a social purpose you are passionate about. A winning social enterprise culture can create employment and/or other economic and social benefits for communities.  

Interested in developing a social enterprise concept? Contact us!

Did you know we were the NT's first ever accredited B Corp?

B Corp enables entities to showcase their social impact – find out more at: www.bcorporation.com.au 


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