Starwin Social Enterprise, Aboriginal Mats - Circle Time Bronze 3m
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Aboriginal Mats - Circle Time Bronze 3m

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Circle Time is a stunning Aboriginal design recycled mat in earthy bronze and white. It depicts a learning circle, representing a holistic approach to teaching and acquiring knowledge valued in many Indigenous communities.

Michael Gilsenan is an Australian Indigenous artist with connections to Stephen Island in the Torres Strait and the Yidinji people of Far North Queensland. Here, he uses inner and outer circles to represent different levels of understanding as we teach and learn. The wavy pattern represents the journey of learning. The dots are symbolic of people, with large dots being mentors, teachers or elders whilst the smaller dots represent those who are being taught.

You will also notice a star, which highlights the importance of knowledge and self-empowerment, and a solid surrounding circle that links all these pieces of the journey together. The image, taken as a whole, demonstrates a way of understanding the world and a focus for educators to guide their practice.

Like all our group time classrom mats, this intricate design is ideal as a teaching tool, helping students of all ages learn more about their own and other cultures while they read, eat or play on the rug. Why not pair it with one of the fun multicultural games available at Recycled Mats? The eye-catching colours and distinctive cultural imagery ensure it will be a talking point in any library, community centre or shopfront.

Circle Time is made from 100% recycled plastics, including car tyres and PET bottles, making it easy to clean and light enough to carry or fold up for transport or storage. This innovative material is soft and comfortable for sitting and walking on; warm in winter but cool in summer.

Use these rugs as classroom mats to extend learning in areas such as culture, nature, family life or art. In the home or office, Circle Time is a great way to celebrate cultural diversity through art.   

Circle Time is a unique Aboriginal recycled mat in vibrant bronze and white. Enjoy it as a camping mat, play mat or anywhere you want to bring people together.


Origin of artist: Yidinji (Far North Queensland) and Stephen Island (Torres Strait)

Size: 3 x 3m

Note: These mats are reversible. Photos show both sides of the same mat. Mat colours may differ slightly from the images shown due to the different inks used in individual print runs.  

Care Instructions: All our floor mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. Follow our guide to mat maintenance for cleaning and storage instructions. Our floor mats and playmats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but extensive exposure to sun or rain will lead to fading and deterioration over time.  

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