Bima Wear Womens Tee - Tarnikinni One size
Bima Wear

Bima Wear Womens Tee - Tarnikinni One size

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Screen printed Bima Wear t-shirt in white and black.

Pattern on front and back.

This Bima Wear hand printed garment is 100% Made in Australia. Bima Wear is a 100% Tiwi owned women's design, print and sewing enterprise. Bima Wear receives 100% of the proceeds from the purchase of this garment. Bima Wear prints are designed by Tiwi women from Bathurst Island, Northern Territory.

Prints represent environmental, ceremonial and family icons that are central to Tiwi culture. 

artist fiona kerinaiua.

tarnikinni design on one size fits all midriff tee

hand-printed black on marle grey fabric.


160gsm cotton jersey.

100% cotton.

fabric & garment made in australia.


regular fit

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