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Boodjera Body Salt Scrub

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Suitable for ALL skin types: Our invigorating body scrub, buffs away dull skin, leaving it feeling rehydrated & glowing. Salt scrubs, promote cell renewal, detoxification & healthy circulation. Enhanced with a warm, zesty blend of citrus essential oils & sweet vanilla, to uplift & nurture the skin. On an emotional level, our chosen blend, promotes feelings of vibrant energy.

Enriched with desert lime extract & lime essential oil, powerful antioxidants, containing high levels of vitamin c. Known for their, anti-aging activity – stimulating collagen growth & improving the skins elasticity.

Salt Scrubs contains trace minerals, calcium, magnesium, iron & potassium which offer therapeutic, mineralization benefits.  A natural purifier & healer, salt, emits negative ions, which in turn, has a positive effect on the body, mind & spirit.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to the Australian elements, nourish them daily.

Change a life & enjoy this secret from the earth, love boodjera x

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