Boodjera Mens Face Exfoliant

Boodjera Mens Face Exfoliant-Boodjera-Starwin Social Enterprise

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Suitable for ALL skin types: Our face exfoliant buffs & prepares the skin for a smooth, clean shave.  Enhanced with a manly blend of wild fennel & orange essential oils, to purify & uplift. Fennel is well known for its powerful antioxidant & skin detoxifying qualities, a natural decongestant.

Enriched with sandalwood powder & natural earth clays, potent active ingredients, which absorb dirt, oils & eliminate impurities. Rich in magnesium, clay holds powerful absorption properties, keeping skin hydrated & locking in moisture. Sandalwood powder, is extremely antibacterial, unclogging  blocked pores & promoting a healthy glow.  Ground Sandalwood husks & walnut shell, our natural exfoliating particles, aid in the elimination of dead skin cells, leaving the face smooth & feeling fresh.

Use daily prior to shaving, to soften stubble.

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