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There Once Was A Tree Called Deru Book

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There Once Was A Tree Called Deru, by: Kakkib Ii'Dthia Warrawee'a.

A new take on living wholistic life from a spiritual teacher of the Australian Aboriginal people.

There once was a tree called Deru is a journey through one man's dreaming. Kakkib li'Dthia is a wonderful and dynamic storyteller, teacher, physician and philosopher. He combines the wisdom of a culture that goes back to the dawn of time, with the beauty of a poet's tongue, the rhythms of a songman and a vitality, humour and sagacity that is uniquely his. The result is a book that enchants, guides, heals and repairs.

This is a book about the search for truth in the context of modern life. It is about seeing things whole and deriving some meaning from wholism. Kakkib li'Dthia illuminates the way to a place of health, happiness, wellbeing and enlightenment. He is uniquely qualified to write this book which focuses on the spiritual and socio-environmental factors of our lifestyles as an integral component of good health. There once was a tree called Deru draws extensively from Australian Aboriginal medicine, and the traditional medicines of many other countries.

First published in 2002 

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