Jilamara Unisex T-Shirt - Size XL - Pwoja by Kaye Brown

Jilamara Unisex T-Shirt - Size XL - Pwoja by Kaye Brown-Jilamara Arts & Crafts Assoc.-Starwin Social Enterprise

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Unisex T-Shirt - Size XL - Pwoja by Kaye Brown (blue w/ pink)

Pwoja is the mark made by a kayimwagakimi (ironwood comb).

In Tiwi language, Jilamara means design.

Established in 1989, Jilamara Arts and Crafts Association is owned and governed by Tiwi artists from Milikapiti community on Melville Island.

The Tiwi Islands, Bathurst Island & Melville Island, are north of Darwin and have been home to Tiwi people since parlingarri (a long time ago). Milikapiti community is on the coast over overlooking the Arafura Sea. It's a happy place, with strong families and strong culture.

Through workshops, training, support and representation, Jilamara artists are supported to build careers as internationally renowned artists. In the community, the art centre is an important place for children to learn culture through culture classes and for young people to learn from their elders to build bright futures.

The Muluwurri Museum is an important keeping place for Tiwi culture and stories, important for remembering old ways and the old people who started Jilamara.

For artists and community members, the art centre is a supportive workplace to learn new skills and earn money to support family.

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