Starwin Social Enterprise, Recycled Mats - Floor Rug Blue Lagoon
Starwin Social Enterprise, Recycled Mats - Floor Rug Blue Lagoon
Aboriginal Recycled Mats

Eco Mats - Floor Rug Blue Lagoon

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This combination blue bohemian rag rug made from 100% tufted cotton will be the choice of rug for all those who adore the hue of blue. This rug has to be seen to be believed - a picture can never do it justice. But if you like all things navy or dark blue, or find kinship with shibori textiles, this blue rug should be top of your shopping list.

Our on-trend 100% cotton chindi rug features bold rings of blue cotton weaving in multiple hues. As with all our chindi rugs, it's a classic rug design that will never go out of fashion.

This circular rug is a delightful new addition to a home that is aching for a splash of colour and boldness.

This timeless rug handcrafted by artisans in India is a sustainable nod that owes it's creation to the clever re-use and upcycling of discarded clothing.

This blue Chindi rug is the ideal new addition for your home, office or school.  

Name of design: Blue Lagoon Chindi Rug Floor Rug Round

Shape: Circular

Size: 1.1 metre diameter

Colours: Combination Blue

Fabric: 100% cotton

Care Instructions: Dampen with a sponge to remove stains. Dry brush or shake outside.

Recycled Mats are proud supporters of fairtrade and ethical manufacturing. To learn more, read our blog about the communities who make our chindi rugs.

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