Starwin Social Enterprise, Recycled Mats - Floor Rug Jute and Chindi
Starwin Social Enterprise, Recycled Mats - Floor Rug Jute and Chindi
Aboriginal Recycled Mats

Eco Mats - Hot Pot Floor Rug Jute & Chindi

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These stunning Indian design recycled floor rugs in the Hotpot design are made from a combination of jute and chindi materials. Chindi rugs are handmade in India from recycled cotton, while jute rugs are created using string. This makes every rug unique, with a mix of bright and beautiful colours to coordinate with any room in your home or office. The Hotpot rug is round and comes in a handy medium size, 1.3m diameter.

Our range of chindi, jute and denim rugs is produced using fabric offcuts from clothing or furniture manufacturers. Cloth pieces are distributed to families in regional India, who supplement their regular income by weaving long chindi ropes from the materials. These ropes are then wound and woven to create soft, durable mats.

The recycled mats team travel to India to meet with the makers and suppliers of our Indian floor rugs. We were thrilled to discover that the production of these rugs was benefiting local people by providing flexible work hours, close to home, allowing families to spend more time together.

Chindi and jute rugs from Recycled Mats are ethically produced, benefiting communities and the planet by making something new and exciting from discarded fabric. They are super soft to sit on, warm in winter and cool in summer. They’re also weighty enough to stay put, even in a space with busy foot traffic.  

Your Hotpot mat can be a hot spot for playing, sharing stories or brainstorming your next big idea! Kids love the vibrant colours and textures of these mats, while anyone can appreciate the stunning colours. Every chindi mat is handmade and original!

Name of design: Hotpot

Origin of design: India

Shape: Round

Size: 1.3m diameter

Material: Cotton & Jute

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