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Sharona Bishop Dragonfly Starwin

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Looking for a stunning piece of art to create a cultural space of your own? 
'Dragonfly Takes Flight' is a series of paintings created in May 2020 to represent the start of a new season in the top end, and new beginnings as we emerge from a time of slow down.
Design Story
“Dragonflies take flight”
The cold dry season wind blossom enough to dry up the rain from the earth. Enough to dry up and crack the dirt to wake up and warn the dragonflies that they will be hunted soon from the big fat yellow goannas. They take flight and move in search for a river to stay coloured and cool. Find a new camp along the river banks to stay safe. 

Artists Story
Name: Sharona Bishop
Tribe: Ngaringman 
Skin name: Nanagku
Homelands: Sharona is from a small homeland called Bobs Yard, located in Judbarra/Gregory National Park, 45km outside of Timber Creek towards Northwest WA. 

Size: 20cm(H)x20cm(W)x1.5cm(D)
Note: Sharona has worked as a team member with our Starwin collective from tiem to time since 2016. She was a leader of our Storytime at Starwin sessions in Darwin. Starwin has provided Sharona with materials as in-kind support to start-up her own micro enterprise to generate income, with 80% of sales proceeds go direct to the artist. A chance for you to own your very own part of the series and invest with us in growing a Made with Kindness Economy.
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