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Handwoven with love this decorative weaving is created by Tiwi artisan Jacinta Tipungwuti.

Weaving is as a therapeutic practice for the women of Bathurst Island who weave together to promote better health and wellbeing and keep their spirit strong.  

Made with pandanus, each item is a one-of-a-kindness creation!   


The Wangatunga Strong Women

Wangatunga (n.) - 1.a broad basket made from stringybark; 2. a baby girl
“Ngawa ampi nginiwutawa putuwurrupurra awarra ngirraminni api awarra ngawarra ningurimagi. Karri ngapaningimarri ngaruwanajirri ngini ngarikirmi ngirraminni ngini ngawa ngarukuruwala.”

(The knowledge our ancestors left for us in the stories is something that we must hold on to. When we gather around we share together what is in the stories that we sing together.)   

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