PaperbarkLove became part of our Starwin Collective, as a maker and creator in July 2020. Founder, Amanda Watts, is a Kungarakan woman working and living on Kambawal country. All products are designed and made with kindness in Stanthorpe, tropical north Queensland.

Amanda has a passion for natural, simple skincare and wanted to share her story for creating change with us. 

How would you describe ways that you give back / pay it forward in our community?  

We have been blessed to have had the support of many other Indigenous and non-Indigenous small businesses. Paperbarklove pays it forward by ensuring that when available we promote other small businesses. We do this by using their creatives in market displays, wearing their clothing and jewellery, using their products in our soaps and lotions and sharing their stories on our own social media. We can achieve so much more by supporting each other in our journeys.


What is your one-of-a-kindness story?

The start of the 2020 school year was a tough time for struggling families in the Stanthorpe region after severe drought and fires in our community. Paperbarklove was given the opportunity to contribute lip balms to each back to school pack being provided to those affected. Just a little something to make the students feel good heading into their first day of school. Skincare is our passion. We will always make sure that people get the opportunity to repair their skin issues - offcuts and seconds are reserved for people who need to be wrapped in kindness.


Can you share with us a story of how you care for country?

We care for country by using simple ingredients that are kind to our skin and our environment. We only use plant based chemicals and cruelty free ingredients.


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