About MK ECO by Starwin

Founded in 2010, MK Eco by Starwin is a collective for growing a 'Made with Kindness' economy. 

Our team is a collective of women in enterprise with a dream to design one-of-a-kindness solutions for you, for business and for community.

Inspired by the Starfish Parable story, we believe that the power of one is best multiplied with the practice of “each one, teach one” and that by making small acts of kindness each day, we can influence a winning culture and create change.

In practice, this means that every day, we make a ‘kindness’ investment. We support and showcase local artisans in our shop, we develop career pathways for young Indigenous people, we educate through cultural experiences and we collaborate with community leaders in business.

Invest with us and become part of a community that supports the growth of a 'made with kindness' economy, where your change creates community change. 

 Starfish Kindness Story

Read Our History page to find out more about our ripple effect...