Infant Massage by Ebonie

Infant Massage by Ebonie

Our vision is founded on the belief that children are our priority, and this is integral to the work we do as women and as leaders, caring for kids in our communities. 

In living this vision for 'women to do what they love, where they love', we are supporting Starwin team member, Ebonie, to grow her enterprise - Infant Massage By Ebonie. 

Starting up in 2021, Ebonie has created her own service and regularly hosts classes at our Starwin space, sharing her knowledge as a qualified instructor, mother and health practitioner. 

Please share the Starwin spirit and reach out to your friends, family or acquaintances who may benefit from Ebonie's kindness and support to book in and learn the art of infant massage. 

There are a wide range of benefits in infant massage that include;

- Promotes and encourages bonding between child and caregivers.

- Reduces crying time

- Improves sleep and regulates sleep patterns

- Reduces symptoms of eczema

- Reduces stress hormones for both child and caregivers.

- and many more. 


There are 2 types of classes;

1 hour introduction class


3 hour In-depth class (2 seperate sessions a week apart)

You choose the mode of delivery; either Private (one on one) or groups (min 3 - max 9)

Contact Ebonie to book today.


phone: 0447652544

Instagram: @infantmassagebyebonie

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