Higher Attire for Young Stars

In 2017, we had an idea to help spark a 'Currency of Kindness' ... by creating an initiative in collaboration with Higher Attire where our customers and connections could 'gift' dresses to be collected by schools for young women attending graduations and their formal functions.

We wanted to contribute to their celebration of their success and commitment to shine!

Well Darwin, we'd just like to say a HUGE - THANK YOU!!

So far we have gifted over 100 dresses to 4 different school groups and community groups and many more to go (we welcome more schools to make contact with us).

To our the top end community - a special thank you for assisting us to demonstrate that social enterprise is not about fundraising or always monetary investment, but more about being a solution broker & creating community change.

We are proud to be helping these young women shine like the stars that they are & we congratulate all of them on achieving a higher education and doing themselves, family & community proud!

in 2018 & beyond, let's keep the currency of kindness flowing & share the Starwin spirit  


In need of a dress? Please email: karina@starwin.com.au to book in a time to collect