Made with Kindness Economy

A Real Art Movement 

Starwin Shopfront was established in Darwin in 2013 and became, by invitation, a hub for top end artisans, mumpreneurs and local cultural leaders to showcase their talent. 

Since then, we have committed to growing our enterprise sustainably across the tropical north and are now co-located in Darwin and Port Douglas, opening up the connect across country from Tiwi to the Daintree. 

Our one-of-a-kindness collective is founded on collaborative relationships, based on trust and transparency, and our 2021 Vision: The Power of One articulates how we will achieve our mission to grow a Made with Kindness Economy. 

When we began in 2010, we had just three suppliers. This grew to over 70 in five years and now is over 80 across our two sites. Our Makers & Kreators focus on ethically producing quality, eco friendly corporate and cultural gifts: art you can wear and art you can use. 

We recognise fake art harms culture, but prefer to use our voice to share messages of 'keeping culture strong', 'caring for country' and 'caring for kids' to create community change. 

If you are interested in exploring our supporting our model, kindly connect with us

- How did we get started? Find out more here.

- Want to know how we create community change? Find out more here

- Who are our Makers & Kreators? Find out more here

- Want to join our collective? Find out more here.  

- Got questions? Find out more here.  

- Want to shop to support our collective? Find out more here

How we lead the way...

+ We are a certified: We are an Australian Made Retail Supporter, this means the majority of our products are Australian Made and mostly handmade by local artisans. We mention whenever a product is not made in aus and give explanation why.  
+ We have a principle of invitation: we invest in relationships, rather than advertising. We work with those who invite us to do so, and once we establish common goals, we collaborate to create change.  
+ We exceed industry: Our artisans and suppliers set their own wholesale and retail prices, we have no set commission and this is self led and supported. Collaborations are paid up front, rather than drip-feed royalties and artists own their copyright. We encourage artists to make informed choices about licensing arrangements. All of our products give a greater percentage of profit back.
+ We celebrate success: we acknowledge our suppliers through actively promoting and sharing their stories.
+ We Share Space: our shopfronts are a safe place and cultural space for people to design, facilitate and deliver their own workshops. Starwin invests in this and any income from participants is given in full to the workshop leader. 
+ We mentor: we support our workers to establish their own small enterprises and/or pursue their study and career goals, to ensure their time with Starwin is a positive step on their career pathway. In 2019/20 piloted our Each One, Teach One career mentoring program. Many of our team have gone on to achieve great things locally, nationally and internationally.
+ We invest: We are a for profit, for purpose enterprise. The money we make, is invested into our Community Change model, including Career Pathways initiatives. Find out more here
+ We are an Eco: we choose eco in every way we can and promote caring for country. We are part of an eco alliance, using No Issue for packaging. We started our own initiatives like Boomerang Bags, Good Reads for Good Deeds. Find out more here
+ We collaborate: we promote genuine cultural experiences and partner with tour operators in the tropical north. Find out more here
Other resources we recommend to help do business better include:

Artists in the Black 

Terri Jenke Resources

Indigenous Art Code

Australian Made Campaign


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