Consultant: Kreative Karina

Karina Kassman comes from Darwin, Northern Territory. She is a proud Papuan (Papua New Guinea) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman.

Karina is a Darwin based artist, she shares her art through photography, drawing, painting and graphic design.
Her artwork is inspired by her family, culture community and her travels. It is a story her family has told; it is marks, lines and memories that she seen and captured.
Karina says from a young age, she watched her family create beauty around her, it was sisters drawing, her brother building, and it was mother stripping coconut leaves to make brooms and scaping coconuts to make hair oil. This was the start of her art journey and the inspirations of her art today.

Today Karina juggles work, photography and design. Starwin is supporting Karina to start up her own enterprise “Kreative Karina” and she loves sharing her art pieces to the world whenever she can through social media.

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Karina is the designer behind our first collection of MK Eco gifts. Starwin mentored Karina in her workplace in 2018 and is honoured to be able to work with her as she grows her enteprise. 


Karina Kassman

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