Getting Kreative: Lighting the Way

Last weekend we created a mindful space for our team to gather and connect and create. From the elders who have guided us, we know the medicine is in the doing and healing comes from within and finding glimmers - moments of hope. 

Over the past two years, we have looked within about how we can improve our spaces, and our vision going forward means we are doing more to share the art of design and the joy it brings. We are working with talented young leaders to teach design Kreative skills, so they build capability to produce their own custom eco-friendly creations.

As a starting point, Kreative Karina spent last weekend mentoring three of our team members, teaching them design and production skills. 

"It was lots of fun and would love to do it again" ~Sasha

"It was really motivating to be taught by someone who doesn't put creative limits on themselves, like KK." ~Djamarlia

This commitment to investing in the next generation, is outlined futher in our Two Kind Vision which shares the education, employment, economic development and empowerment outcomes we are working towards by curating one-of-a-kindness experiences for local young people. 

Watch this space as we live our Each One ~ Teach One philosophy. 

Featured here; Djamarlia, Sasha and Gabby, participating in a sessions with Kreative Karina

Photos & designs by: Kreative Karina (not to be used without express written permission)

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