Next Generation: ReTelling Country

Our enterprise was founded with a vision to create career pathways for young leaders and we are passionate about investing in the next generation. Looking to 2022, we are shaping MK Eco by Starwin to be a safe place and cultural space for our young workers to begin their own enterprise journey.

As part of our Each One, Teach One Mentoring program our workers have been dreaming big and have developed their own career goal plans.

Community support for our vision to grow a Made with Kindness Economy is always appreciated. So next up we are introducing Sharniqua Oxtoby, her story and a vision for ReTelling Country and we invite you to follow her creative storyboard on insta @Retelling_country

And if you follow our insta @starwincollective you will also see Sharniqua's developing talent for photography, design and storytelling too.  

"Hello, my name is Sharniqua Oxtoby. I am currently studying Bachelor of fashion and textile designs full-time, however during the days when I’m not studying, I am working at Starwin at their Darwin store. 
As a designer, my stylistic approach includes a combination of both modern and traditional designs when embracing both my cultures. I am a proud Tiwi and Wunumbal woman, so it is important to me to connect my work to culture, community and country.
Starwin has helped me build my small business through Instagram @retelling_country (RTC). In gaining confidence in promoting the Starwin store online, photographing their products, and preparing online orders to be delivered. This has helped me understand the concept of growing a business and collaborating with other businesses.
Starwin management leads a collective group of strong women’s who all have their own businesses. Throughout the year, Starwin host a women’s business circles session where all are invited to share their upcoming collections. Participating in the session has help motivate me and gave me a better understanding of what my goals are as a future fashion designer.
I am thankful for all that I’ve learnt through Starwin and the collective groups, mostly with the friendship and mentoring. I can’t wait to see where RTC lands but I know I’ll have a strong supportive group helping me every step of the way."

Artwork & Weaving by Sharniqua Oxtoby
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