Sharing the Starwin Spirit

Since our foundation in 2010 we have worked with some amazing talent in the top end. This is some of their stories and what Starwin has meant to them...


Joanne Flanagan - Indigenous Mentoring Program participant, 2018

Overall I found the experience rewarding. Karina Gray was my mentor and she was great – very accommodating with last minute changes and generous with her time.

Though I struggled with developing a career path, I benefitted from building and refining skills I already have. When things got difficult, Karina was the voice of reason.

No longer seeking to balance, but tilting to achieve best results for all.

Opportunity to refocus and determine what I really want to get out of what I do and what does not work for me. Thank you.


Brad East - Art By Beast  - TalentEd camp participant, 2011

Beast"Starwin offered me one of my earliest cataclysmic moments in the form of the diversity represented in our sporting program, as a single-minded (and very consumed) basketballer, I got my first look into the lives and passions of people not-otherwise-sharing my own, and now years later I often wonder where I would be if I had realized later that there were other experiences out there. The humanism in my work comes directly from experiences such as these and I am always grateful I was able to start so young"


Freelance artist based in Canberra, AUS
Instagram: @artbybeast
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NEAFL / ABC Media Personality, Jessica Webster, shares the Starwin spirit…

"With the aid of Starwin Management, I have since developed my experience and reputation to include MC and event speaker opportunities.I first came across Karina when I moved to Darwin in 2010 to start my journalism career. Karina’s experience in the Darwin sporting community helped developed my own networks to gain employment across print, television and radio.

Starwin Management has also provided extensive project design consultation to help achieve my goal of self-publishing my first book and further consultancy in setting up my own freelance writing business in Brisbane.
My five-year relationship with Starwin Management has taken my career to places I never thought was possible. I now have the confidence and necessary tools to be able to achieve anything I set my mind on.
Karina puts her heart and soul into everything she does, which is a reflection on her professional integrity and passion for community development."