Love Small Business

Our 2021 Vision: The Power of One is all about thinking small and how each of us have the power to create change. 

15 May is the day to celebrate small business in Queensland! #QSBM2021

We are sharing their tips to show some love for small business. Your kindness matters! 

Here are 8 easy things you can do to show your support for small business:
  1. Buy from independent businesses instead of big chains – shop local and shop online.
    • Visit your local restaurant, get your meal delivered or order a takeaway feast.
    • Take advantage of meal planning expertise and order prepared meals for the week.
    • Take a morning break – walk to your local coffee shop for your takeaway coffee and visit the bakery for a fresh loaf of bread to make lunch.
    • Keep active – join a fitness, pilates, yoga or spin class with your local fitness studio.
    • Explore your neighbourhood and find businesses you never knew were there – a print shop, a providore, a gallery, a café, a jeweller, an accountant or beauty salon – a hidden gem that just may become a new favourite.
    • Get back to your favourite hobby or start a new one – puzzles, painting, drawing, knitting, jigsaws, gardening, reading, music, sewing, crafting, cooking – the list is endless and independent businesses stock the supplies.
  2. Buy gift cards and vouchers for use later on or as gifts for friends and family.
  3. Don't cancel when you can reschedule – instead of cancelling your plans and asking for a refund, consider rescheduling them to a later date.
  4. Buy fresh produce from the farmgate or grower's markets – a country drive could find you buying anything from fruit, vegetables or flowers to preserves, eggs or honey from the farm gate. Or just visit your local grower’s markets where you can buy your weekly supply of fresh fruit, vegies, meat, eggs, cheese and bread.
  5. Reach out to your favourite businesses – volunteering your skills in web design, bookkeeping, photography or finance could be just what they need a hand with.
  6. Encourage your friends to buy from small businesses and let them know you're supporting small business – take a picture of the business you visited, @tag them and add the hashtag #loveyoursmallbusiness when you post on social media.
  7. Pay the good will forward – share your good experiences with small independent businesses on social media using the hashtag #loveyoursmallbusiness. Don't forget to leave your favourite businesses a good review online – this is a small but important gesture, especially if you're not in a position to spend money right now. Let people know all the great things about it so that people are encouraged to visit.
  8. Give your favourite small business a plug on social media using the hashtag #loveyoursmallbusiness. Right now people are spending more time on their phones and computers and that means more eyes on social media.


You can check out the information on Queensland Small Business Month, including the range of activities and events planned for across Queensland at

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