Next Generation: Alice Does Artt

Our enterprise was founded with a vision to create career pathways for young leaders and we are passionate about investing in the next generation. Looking to 2022, we are shaping MK Eco by Starwin to be a safe place and cultural space for our young workers to begin their own enterprise journey.

As part of our Each One, Teach One Mentoring program our workers have been dreaming big and have developed their own career goal plans.

Community support for our vision to grow a Made with Kindness Economy is always appreciated. So first up we are introducing Kyemma Alice-Woods, her story and a vision for Alice Does Artt and we invite you to follow her creative storyboard on insta @alice_does_artt

And if you follow our insta @starwincollective you will also see Kyemma's developing talent for photography, design and storytelling too. 


"Hi, my name is Kyemma Alice and I am currently living in Darwin and have been for several years, but I am originally from Alice Springs.

In my spare time from work I love to put my imagination and passion into my art and paintings. Recently I’ve been trying to build a reputation on social media and gain recognition/exposure on platforms like Instagram @alice_does_artt 

I usually paint in style that represents my culture from central desert and dot painting, I also paint in other aspects and design other pieces which are different to my traditional art style aswell.

I have been working with Starwin for a little more than 2 years now and during my time here I built great skills in working and gained a lot of confidence. I’ve been grateful for all the help I’ve received from friends/co-workers and mentors from Starwin.

It’s been my dream to see my artwork displayed on clothes and other items so lately I have been working towards achieving my goals for next year. My goal would be to successfully start a small business where I can print my artwork and designs onto various items like clothing and accessories. 

On other days I like to go out and explore the beaches and supermarkets around Darwin, it gives me joy to wander around and experience more from here, especially with family that come to visit and my family that also live in Darwin too."

Watch this space as we collaborate with Alice Does Art to bring new collections to you in 2022! 

Alice Does Artt


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