The Cove: a space by Mayala-Bol

As part of our 2021 Vision we are supporting the creation of a new space in Darwin city, The Cove. Led by Mayala-Bol, The Cove represents a safe place and cultural space. Co-located right next door, we are investing in supporting the vision of Mayala-Bol founders, Noni and Menah to provide a safe space to connect and self nourish.  Here's a bit more about their story...
"Mayala-Bol is a business developed by two Maningrida women Menah Mckenzie of the Anbarra-Diyama clan and Noni Eather of the Kunibidji clan. Mayala-Bol is a small business focused on holistic wellbeing and wellness. We create, facilitate and navigate holistic wellbeing workshops and culturally safe spaces and resources. The Name Mayála-Bol comes from the Ndjébbana and Burarra languages of Maningrida, West Arnhemland. Mayála means "Idea/Knowledge" in Ndjébbana and Bol means "Fire" in the Burarra language."


We invite you to visit the Mayala-Bol webiste for a monthly calendar of wellbeing circles, workshops, wellness sessions and creative activities. The Cove is also a community space to hire for creatives, young entrepreneurs, small business owners, grassroots organisations, wellness facilitators and more.
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