Youth Leadership: Meet Louise

Entering Damibila Season in Larrakia Country, a time known for Barramundi and Bushfruits, it also represents a fruitful time of growth for local enterprises as we enter the dry season and tourism peaks. 

For our collective, it is an opportunity to welcome new faces, and grow our Career Pathways initiatives. This month we welcome a new intern, through our collaboration with Youthworx NT, in Louise Mountford. 

Louise is being mentored by our Darwin team, as part of our Each One, Teach One program for the month of June to learn about Retail Operations and working life.

We asked Louise to share a little of her story so you can meet her too!  

"Hello, my name is Louise. I am from Groote Eylandt a small community up in the Gulf of Carpentaria. I am very passionate about my art and hoping I can keep making more art as I go, and hopefully build a business out of it. The reason why I want to keep my art going is because my great grandfather Gerald Blitner was an Indigenous painter and he has inspired me. I am lucky enough he has given me his artistic skills, for the next generation."

Drop by our Darwin store and say hi and discover more of Louise's talents! 


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