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If you do what you did yesterday you’ll be beaten. If you do today what others are doing you’ll be competitive. To win, you must be doing today what others will be doing tomorrow. 
~Robert De Castella~


Starwin Management was founded in March 2010 as social enterprise, leading the way in the Northern Territory, based on a passion and belief in Territory talent, the need for community change and creating innovative solutions.

Since our inception, our community contribution has seen us connect with 60+ community organisations, fund three social enterprise initiatives and work with over 100 young rising stars.

Our latest venture, Starwin Shopfront has grown to a team of 50+ suppliers, with a focus on celebrating Indigenous women in enterprise and Australian Made (often handmade) gifts.

Our I-Deals are founded upon the concepts of:

  • Invitation – we work by invitation
  • Inspiration – we educate through inspiration
  • Innovation – we focus on solutions
  • Investment – we invest in the best
  • Integrity – we promote a winning culture

Our mission is to create community wins through social enterprise.

How can we can achieve this is? Our vision is to:

  • Celebrate champions to educate and inspire our community
  • Create change through social enterprise
  • Collaborate with community leaders to develop a winning culture

Our Starwin Shopfront is conveniently located Starwin Shopfront in Darwin City, but our reach is across the NT and beyond. We invite you to visit us or new customers, partners, sponsors are welcome to connect with us via our contact us page.

Make the choice to invest in the best

Discover the range of professional services we offer under our Starwin banner of “CHAMPIONS. CHANGE. COMMUNITY.” – 

  • TalentEd; education through inspiration – champion speakers and team building for corporate & community events
  • Starwin Shopfront; a social enterprise exchange showcasing the best gifts the Territory has to offer, created by social and community enterprises
  • Starwin Management; strategic leadership development for corporate and community organisations and entrepreneurs

How the community wins 

Our current social enterprise initiatives include: 

  • Higher Attire for Young Stars
  • Australian Defence Force Work Experience 
  • Career Pathways

Our past 'wins' include three major initiatives:

  • TalentEd; an annual camp for young leaders, creating career pathways for local stars in the sports industry
  • 1step2star initiative, providing sports shoes for young rising stars
  • Tapalinga Award a leadership development initiative, known as ‘Diamonds from Dust’ for young female footballers from the Tiwi Islands

Our service guarantee:

Starwin promotes good governance and provides a professional service with:

  • A supportive and constructive working relationship
  • Inspiration to explore dreams, set goals and achieve success
  • A high quality, consistent service that is tailored to your needs
  • Innovative service solutions, project design and implementation
  • Collaboration within industry to improve your networks
  • Benchmarks for best practice standards
  • Initiatives to promote and celebrate ‘wins’
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