Mamanta: Heroes & Legends Workshops

In 2024, MK Eco by Starwin is strengthening our collaboration with Mamanta. Manata is a locally owned enterprise, founded by Starwin's first employee, Tammy Abala and her family. 

Mamanta’s innovative, strengths based approach is culturally and situationally responsive. Local facilitators; Shane Tipuamantamerri and Tammy Abala deliver their own uniquely empowering and meaningful activities. Mamanta’s First Nations Heroes & Legends an inclusive and fun learning tool to celebrate and build awareness of Indigenous contribution achievement throughout Australian history. 

As part of our commitment to invest in the next generation, we are now taking expressions of interest from schools and community groups connected to Starwin for this one-of-a-kindness cultural learning experience. 

Mamanta First Nations Heroes & Legends

With a strengths based approach, this paper-based activity focuses on celebrating First Nations people’s achievements and contribution throughout Australian history, it stimulates curiosity and healthy discussion. The activity has been run for small and large groups of ages 3 to 70+, it is inclusive, culturally sensitive, simple and enjoyable for all people to gain a greater awareness and appreciation for strong values and positive contribution to community.

Mamanta Heroes & Legend game feedback:
“Super-interactive, loved the relevancy!” – Participant comment Feb,2024
“I have learned so much today, I felt safe to ask questions and not be judged by my lack of knowledge” – Alex, Feb,2024
“Everyone in Australia should get to play this game!” Emily, East Arnhem 2022


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