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Kyemma Alice

Our Career Pathways initiatives aim to support young Indigenous women to transition into the workforce. We have developed an 'Each One, Teach One' framework for supporting new workers. 

Kyemma was part of our initial intake of interns in 2019, referred by Youthworx NT, working with us part-time for over a year, whilst studying at Bathchelor Institute. After taking a break, we welcomed Kyemma back at our Darwin site in March 2021. She is now leading the way, and hoping to develop her creative skills. In her own words...

"My name is Kyemma Alice-Woods, I’m a Central-Desert woman from Alice Springs, I’ve been living in Darwin for 8-9 years and its now my home, I’m both Arrernte and Anmatjere from my family heritage. I’ve been in love with becoming an aspiring artist whether it was traditional, painting, digital or all of the above I’ve fell in love with art.

I like trying out new things and challenging myself with tasks on how I can make my art eye catching, vibrant and overall stand out so people can see that I am really passionate about my goals. I do a lot of sketching, painting and animation and now I’ve found something that interested me through my designs I’ve made to support my work with Starwin."

Kyemma design

One of Kyemma's designs


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