Meet Sharna

Sharna's story

Sharna Phillips, has stepped in to lead our Darwin site since February 2021. After being involved on and off with Starwin over the years, the departure of Sharniqua to Sydney to pursue her studies, created an opportunity for Sharna to step into a more permanent role. She is returning to work after becoming mum to her beautiful daughter Raven.

In Sharna's words....

"Hi, my name is Sharna and I am from Arnhem Land, Maningrida. I am a passionate mum to a beautiful and energetic toddler Raven. Everything I do is for her. I care deeply about the environment and love that here at Starwin we are committed to not only supporting eco-friendly business but we also practice safe and environmentally friendly sales.

I am a first time mum and balancing work back into my life after a year since Raven was born is so much better and easier knowing I can take my bub to work. It such a gift having her with me and seeing her flourish.

I was a participant in the Saltwater Divas program for NT in 2018 and have worked in many areas childcare, youth work, and aged care.

I am hoping to pursue more studies in areas like health and business.

One day I hope to open my own shop or enterprise in my community that would benefit the people by creating jobs/ skills and have it 100% eco-friendly."

Drop by at our Darwin store and say hi and find out more about Sharna's journey. She is also the younger sister of Jess who is the Manager of Babbarra Women's Centre and has lots of strong role models in her family. 

 Sharna Phillips

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