Storytime @ Starwin

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Coming soon at Port Douglas: 27 June, 25 July, 29 August

Storytime at Starwin


About Storytime...

In 2017 we launched our Storytime @ Starwin series after a local Mum asked us to host an Indigenous storytelling session as she couldn't find one for her kids to attend during NAIDOC Week.

Local Tiwi Mum to be & Children's Educator Casimira Tipiloura was happy to do so & Storytime @ Starwin was born. Sessions include storybook time, sing songs and colouring activities. 

These sessions are important to us for a few key reasons: 

- promoting the good works done in community by The Indigenous Literacy Foundation

- studies show the more parents engage with and read to their children, the less likely it is they will be imprisoned later in life

- celebrating the culture of Indigenous storytelling with the general community

- bringing parents in the top end together 

- showcasing strong Indigenous women as Children's Educators 



Past 2017 Storytime @ Starwin Events

13 July - Storytime with Cosi

24 September - Storytime with Aunty Rosie

23 November - Storytime with Aunty Sharona

7 December - Storytime with Aunty Sharona



17 January - Storytime with Aunty Sharona

28 February - Storytime with Aunty Sharona

2 May - Storytime with Aunty Sharona & Tiwi College students

Christmas Editions: 5,12 & 19 December