Women's Business Circles

Our 2021 Vision: The Power of One recognises that each and every one of us can create change. 

Our Women's Business Circle, is an opportunity for changemakers in our collective to come together, to connect, create and celebrate. 

This initiative was borne out of the success of our BC+ Initiative, in which our top end collective members were supported to grow their digital confidence, thriving off the connection of our meet ups. With everyone wanting more, we made it happen! 

These circles are designed to provide opportunity for our Makers & Kreators to lead creative sessions for women in business, taking time to be mindful, together. Our goal is to improve the wellbeing of women we work with and promote economic development for women in enterprise in the NT.

- Luncheon to Launch: 5 March

- Circle 1 by Sachi: 1 May

- Circle 2 by Bron Clee: 19 May

- Circle 3 by Wangatunga Women: 18 June

- Circle 4 by Ocean Rose: 10 July

- Circle 5 by Aly de Groot: 14 July

- Circle 6 by Mimmim: 21 August 

- Circle 7 by Mayala Bol: 29 September

- Circle 8 by EMG Psychology: 29 October



Proudly Supported by NT Government. With thanks to the Office of Gender Equality and Violence Reduction.


Artwork by Nicole Dickerson, Yamaji Art, featured at our Darwin Share Space.

"As the tears of our ancestors run through the enriched earth, their Spiritual presence is in the air we breath, the water we cleanse in, the sun that lights our way forward, the moon that keeps our dreams alive, the stars map our past, as we live in the present, so our culture is still strong in the future."

Tears of our Ancenstors

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