Aboriginal Mats - Gum Leaves & Waterholes 3m
Aboriginal Mats - Gum Leaves & Waterholes 3m
Aboriginal Recycled Mats

Aboriginal Mats - Gum Leaves & Waterholes 3m

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Size: 3m x 3m 


The Gum Leaves and Waterholes is a contemporary Indigenous design, made with woven recycled plastic to create a reversible and portable outdoor living mat. It is perfect for protecting your patio or deck and makes for a great travelling or camping companion where additional ground needs to be covered. 

Indigenous artist, Caitlin Trindall designed this artwork with inspiration from her favourite camping spot in Burraga Dam, NSW where she visits with loved ones. Caitlin believes there is no better feeling than sinking your bare feet into the sand, dipping into the fresh water dam, and closing your eyes to listen to the sound of rustling gum leaves in the breeze. Burraga Dam is a place where Caitlin goes to feel refreshed, as the peaceful surroundings leave her feeling relaxed and free.

The design of this mat includes iconic features of Burraga Dam, with a pattern of gum leaves and waterholes that will leave you feeling connected to nature. Our mats are ethically made with recycled materials so you can have confidence when buying sustainably. 

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