Gulumerrdjin Flash Cards

Gulumerrdjin Flash Cards

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From Batchelor Press

An introduction to Larrakia language, the language of the Gulumerrdjin (Larrakia) people of the Darwin and Cox Peninsula regions (NT), through a selection of original illustrations provided by Gulumerrdjin artist Jason Lee.

Suitable for early learners and those interested in Larrakia language, these cardse are a set of English alphabet flashcards featuring vibrant illustrations by Gulumerrdjin (Larrakia) artist Jason Lee. The flashcards are based on the alphabet and also include the Larrakia language names for many of the illustrations which depict animals found in Gulumerrdjin country. 

The set includes 27 cards laminated both sides for extra durability; dimensions: 17.58 x 12.57cm. 



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