Kaizis Coconut Oil - Honey & Lemongrass Soap

Starwin Social Enterprise, Kaizis Coconut Oil - Honey & Lemongrass Soap

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Kapua Kaizi Gutchen
is the man behind the oil. Kapua, being his Indigenous Torres Strait Island given name and Kaizi being his nickname.

Kaizi has been passed the knowledge of making Coconut Oil the traditional way by his mother. She had in turn been taught by her Grandmother, a native woman from Murray Island in the Torres Straits. 

Kaizi appreciates and embraces much of  his traditional ways. Sharing knowledge of 
traditional foods is a passion whereby, these foods have given him a strong physical constitution towards his 'way of being'. Coconut and all it's uses are strongly featured in Torres Strait Island cooking and through its use, Islanders understand why they consider it precious.

Coconut/Honey & Lemon Grass Oil shampoo bar (155 grams) 

Our aromatic shampoo bars leave your skin & hair feeling fresh and revitalised. All of the natural ingredients have a sweet sense of home and is a perfect hand-size substitute for your shampoo. This product is great for inhibiting dandruff and keeps your hair & skin resilient.
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