House of Darwin

Emerging from an AFL career into a world of enterprise has been a one-of-a-kindness journey for Larrakia man Shaun Edwards. He founded House of Darwin with a dream to hit the dirt tracks in the top end and create change in remote communities. We loved his vision so much in 2021 we collaborate to share the HoD merchandise with our community...

Today Shaun shares his story for creating change with us. 

How would you describe ways that you give back / pay it forward in our community?  

We use our funds to run social programs in remote Indigenous communities. Our Journal shares our adventures!

What is your one-of-a-kindness story?

House of Darwin is a social enterprise. We are a for profit clothing company. We reinvested our profits back into social programs in remote Indigenous communities.

We exist to inspire, educate and cultivate change within the two worlds of Australia.

We use creativity to tell stories.

We partner with grass roots organisations to enable change.

We inspire people to seek knowledge and join hands in the chorus of change.

Can you share with us a story of how you care for country?

We're currently sourcing our own fair trade sustainable t shirt blanks :)

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IG: House of Darwin
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