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Ocean Rose NT has been a dedicated contributor to our Starwin Collective since early 2016. Michelle, the founder is a Maker & Kreator of natural skin products and also kindly teaches others to learn to make their own too.

Today Michelle shares her story for creating change with us. 

How would you describe ways that you give back / pay it forward in our community?  

Sharing our passion, is one way is paying it forward in community, we hold Natural Soap & Soy Candle Making Workshops & 1:1 Classes that are designed for our unique community in mind, we cater for people with disabilities and people that are multilingual or do not speak English as their first language.

What is your one-of-a-kindness story?

Over the years we have donated many of our products to local community and fundraising projects, we take great pride in giving back to our community and making a difference. We love to collabrate with local business, artists and creators and have done so on many occasions.

Can you share with us a story of how you care for country?

Ocean Rose produces Handmade, Natural Soaps, Eco Soy Candles & Natural Skin Products specialising in Premium Essential Oils, Natural & Organic Products.

We are deeply passionate about providing natural alternative products with an emphasis on using local sourced products such as Kakadu Plum, Fresh Mango Pulp, Alice Springs Beeswax and Locally Made Tea & Herbs and Oils.

Ocean Rose cares for country by being very eco minded with our products and packaging, we actively encourage and promote recycling and have a strict "No plastic" policy. In fact, one of our newest additions are candles that are made from repurposed Skyy Vodka Blue bottles that are cut by hand.

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