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ReTelling Country is founded by Sharniqua Oxtoby, a young woman with Tiwi, Kwini and Arrente heritage. RTC symbolises the grounding of the next generation for us. Originally joining Starwin as a work experience student in 2020, Sharniqua has been part of our Each One, Teach One mentoring program and is now on a journey now as an emerging fashion designer and creative. ReTelling Country was founded in late 2021 and here we share more of Sharniqua's story in her own words...

How would you describe ways that you give back / pay it forward in our community?  

Choosing a course that would help the growth of Retelling Country. The degree will help me build Retelling Country into a learning space where I can carry out the stories and traditions from my ancestors through art and fashion. 

What is your one-of-a-kindness story?

I am currently studying fashion. I chose fashion because I want to help give my community a space to share our culture through clothing, jewellery and etc. I want the artworks to be displayed in areas that are trending and help make it fun whilst spreading awareness that we do exist, that we are the oldest living culture in the world.

Can you share with us a story of how you care for country?

Caring for country has always been an important concept for our mob especially being the traditional owners and care takers for Australia. It is our jobs to help increase awareness of sacred areas, care for bush foods and help keep the environment safe for future mob.

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