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In August 2014, Doreen Dyer, a Darwin based eco artist ventured into our space and a relationship began. After several years, Studio D has grown a loyal and local following has emerged and we love the essence Doreen's gifts bring our store. 
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Studio D is a solo operation, and we asked Doreen to share more of her story...

What is your one-of-a-kindness story?

My art is rather eclectic, but I have tended to concentrate on eco-dyed/printed scarves for Starwin. I collect fallen eucalyptus branches and leaves. Sometimes I use other plants like Grevillea, Casuarina and spent bouquets. I avoid using any chemicals that have a negative impact on the environment. 

Can you share with us a story of how you care for country?

Mother Nature is my guide – I bundle and ‘cook’ my pieces. The joy is in the reveal as I have little control of the outcome. I sometimes do one-on-one sessions to share the techniques with anyone who is interested, but more often just chat about the process and give the information that helps a person to start themselves.

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