Yarrabah Arts & Cultural Precinct

On the back of their recent success at the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair and the emergence of national and international recognition for the team at Yarrabah Arts and Culture Centre, we asked the team at Yarrabah Arts to share their story from our time working together...
"In 2020 we started working with Starwin as an outlet for Yarrabah Art to the wider community here in Far North Queensland. We currently have 4 main artists Philomena Yeatman (Award winner for the 2022 National Indigenous Fashion Award-Textile Category), Michelle Yeatman (Master Potter), Wayne Connolly (Master Painter) and Edna Ambrym (Master Painter). Nationally known for our ceramics and textiles featured in various awards such as the 2022 Telstra NASTIAA Awards, we always humbly support local community branches here in our region, and to encourage partnerships with local organisations such as Starwin."
Discover more of the story here...
How would you describe ways that you give back / pay it forward in our community? 

Founded in 1973 as The Yarrabah Pottery Club which was a Queensland Government employment initiative for our community  – and since becoming locally owned by the Yarrabah Community in 1990; The Yarrabah Arts & Cultural Precinct has evolved into a safe space to continue local Aboriginal Art.

All the artists whether voluntary or established earn a commission rate off each sale, materials and resources for each art medium are provided, workshop classes are available for all of our artists and brighter opportunities for local and national exhibitions are an external asset for the local artists to display and share their artistic or cultural background through story-telling our art to the World.

What is your one-of-a-kindness story?

Our one-of-a-kindness story gives back to our community. Our focus is to enable and establish local Aboriginal Art from Yarrabah. Our rich history of art and culture to the world shows of great resilience and creativity. All the artists past, present and future here in Yarrabah are special to our history and history to come.

Can you share with us a story of how you care for country?

Our products and art care for Country in different ways. How? Our yakal (pandanus) is locally sourced on Country, so is our clay – locally sourced from the Yarrabah Clay Reservoir. Our stories behind each artwork also care for Country through story-telling to the world. The more knowledge you have about our traditions, art, culture and history… will help educate how you can care for our Country.

*Banner Image by Michael Jalaru
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