11 Years in Enterprise: The Power of One

Seasonal Newsletter, April 2021 - CLICK HERE

Today marks the 11th anniversary of the day of the registration of Starwin as a business!

Whats in a name? Starwin, the name was born camping out at Bulgul and looking at the stars - a double meaning of 'started in darwin' and to support others to 'start winning' in life, sport and business.

As we reflect back this name has always been interwoven into our practice, knowing and acknowledging where we started and why. We have grown this of late, MK Eco by Starwin - reflects a movement to growing a Made with Kindness Economy, celebrating the tropical north and Starwin is the #oneofakindness collective who make it happen. 

Deep gratitude to all of you who have been a part of this journey, so of you since the beginning. Each one of us is capable of great change, but first we must begin from within. Then ripples will flow. 

Art by Kreative Karina

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