New ways to go Walkabout in 2021

If you are looking for a cultural experience in the 2021/22 season, we invite you to discover Walkabout Cultural Tours. New to this year, Juan and the team have re-branded the tour names.

"The sharing of our culture and learning of our language is a key component of our experience, and hence, we have changed our tour names to reflect this.

Therefore introducing...
NGANA JULAYMBA DUNGAY: We All Going to Daintree;  
NGANA KULKINGA DUNGAY: We All Going to Cape Tribulation

The previously called Cultural Tour, is now rebranded to Ngana Julaymba Dungay, and the previous Sightseeing Tour, is now Ngana Kulkinga Dungay. Please be sure to update this in your system.

We are hoping this creates some interest amongst the clients, an opportunity to learn some of our language, and immediately introduce them to our culture… and help to distinguish the main difference between the tours is the locations visited i.e. one explores south of the Daintree river, and visits Mossman Gorge, while the other crosses the Daintree river by cable-car ferry and explores north to Cape Tribulation (Kulki) as all our tours provide a cultural insight in to the eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people of North Queensland."

Check out this video as Juan pronounces the names for you.

Go on, give them a go...
Ngana pronouced nyahna
Dungay pronouced doong-aay 
Julaymba pronouced joolaimbah
Kulkinga pronouced gool-ging-ah


Visit our Port Douglas store to book your next adventure!

MK Eco by Starwin @ Shop 10, Portico Shopping Centre, 53 Macrossan street, Port Douglas. 

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