Creating a Community Hub

TOP END TALENT for expressions of interest...

Starwin Social enterprise is offering up an opportunity to have a like minded enterprise co-locate with us. You could be a local artisan, a collective, a Mumpreneur, events magician...we are open to possibilities!

As a social enterprise we aim to give back and we want to help boost a local talent / enterprise until end of 2018 & beyond!

What we can do for you: 
- office space / meeting / creative space in CBD area
- cover all rent, utilities, insurances etc
- ready made customer base
- space to host pop up events / workshops
- and more.

We would ask for an exchange of services in return, to be formalised with a MOU (memorandum of understanding).

Please contact us to express your interest or find out more! 

KNOW SOMEONE who would benefit? Please SHARE x

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