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David Widders ConsultancyRecently Starwin has undertaken to grow our presence across Northern Australia. To enable us to create community change and cater for more consulting clients we are collaborating with community leaders, like David Widders Consultancy to offer up new opportunities for our clients and commuities we work with. We have over ten years of experience working with David, first meeting in the Indigenous Employment & Job Network industry. His experience and expertise in delivering culturally competent workshops, programs and events for clients is second to none. In the NT, we have partnered with David to facilitate and deliver workforce development training for a community controlled health organisation and following such a positive experience, Dave is keen to expand his service reach and we welcome him being based with us at Starwin (in the NT) from early 2019. One area Starwin and DWC are both passionate about is caring for kids and youth work. Dave has instigated the development of training packages and workshops for Foster Carers / Houseparents and Hostel Workers who support Indigenous kids in care (Dave being a carer himelf sees a huge need for this in the sector). Given the strategic importance and future direction of justice reinvestment, boarding schools and for kids in care in Darwin and across the NT, David is offering these sessions from early 2019 to help facilitate positive outcomes for clients in developing a culturally carers & workforce. If you would like to find out more, please contact David directly via his mobile: 0448 655133 or email; davewidders6@gmail.com
He is also a keen leader of Indigenous sport (soccer) programs, having represented Australia himself. Again this aligns closely with our Starwin vision of helping talented young people on their career pathways. Please contact Dave if you'd be keen to have him run some healthy living / leadership activities for your community/group. 
To give you some further background and program ideas, please find attached an introductory flyer for David Widders Consultancy. Futher to this, David has a suite of flyers for a range of additional workshops he'd be happy to provide from motivational jobseeking to cultural awareness. He is also available to emcee community events, provide career mentoring services and more. 
If you need assistance to access funding to engage any of these services, we are more than happy to help you seek out funds to make it happen also. 
We thank you for your support in growing Starwin and our ability to collaborate with community leaders. On behalf of David and I, we look forward to working with you as we continue to expand our footprint and help you and those you work to be champions for community change. 
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