End of Season: A time to Renew

We are ever so grateful to you, our loyal community who have continued to support us into our 11th year in business. As the end of season is upon us, and the stormy season begins in our beloved tropical north, we have been taking time to reflect as team. Our workers and our Women's Business Circle group in Darwin are engaging in sessions with Liz, from EMG Psychology - tasked with dreaming big in creating our collective vision for 2022.

We will go into the new year with the same ethical standards and values, but with some changes to our supply list, and also in how we will service you. We are thinking small, personalising our approach and dedicating more time to investing in career pathways for the next generation, time to innovate and create! 

CLICK HERE to find out more about our collective achievements at MK Eco by Starwin & shop our END OF SEASON SALE in our November Newsletter   

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