Starwin Crafternoon - Decorate Shells with  AMP

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Anne-Marie Puruntatameri (AMP) led our crafternoon session on the traditional art of painting jukwarringa (mud mussel shells) on Thursday 17 September. The Tiwi Islander from Melville Island, 100 km north of Darwin, shared stories with visitors Abby and Jo sitting outside our shop in the Breezeway of the Double Tree by Hilton. 

Traditionally, women on the Tiwi Islanders go hunting for juwarringa in the mangroves during kuminpunari (the dry season). After cooking the mussels on the fire and eating, the shells are kept and painted for decoration.

AMP resides in Darwin to receive dialysis treatment and has to live away from her husband and family. Painting and sharing stories helps her feel connected to community here.

Our next event is Starwin Storytime with Aunty Rosie on Thursday 24 August!

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Here’s to healing happy, healthy minds and hearts!

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