Starwin Crafternoon - Weave With Me

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On Thursday 27 April 2017, Starwin Shopfront hosted it's first ever 'Crafternoon', where members of the community were lead by Eunice Orsto (Palipuaminni) of Bathurst Island who gave a hands on and heartfelt demonstration of the magical art form of weaving. 

Working with collected pandanus that she had gathered with other women of the island, Eunice shared stories and techniques with participating adults and children.

The afternoon involved many cups of tea, lots of laughter and an appreciation for weaving and Eunice’s efforts to keep her tradition alive.

Eunice is a 4th generation weaver and has been working with the naturally sourced and dyed material for over 12 years.

She will be returning on the 25th of May for yet another Crafternoon. Eunice will be leading a diverse workshop on further weaving as well as painting. All materials provided.

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Words & images by Anna Spencer

Eunice Weaving

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