Touring the Tropical North

We believe in keeping culture strong and caring for country. Our vision is to provide pathways for people to connect with Indigenous community and leaders across the tropical north in authentic ways. This is how we believe we can grow a kindness economy.  

We work with Indigenous women's centres and culturally competent operators that offer authentic cultural gifts and experiences for a two-way learning experience. 

In 2018 we made a conscious decision to go beyond our hub in Darwin and explore the 'way' to connect from Tiwi to the Daintree.

We are now co-located in Darwin and Port Douglas and growing our presence across the tropical north, following the long standing history through songlines and traditional trade routes along the path now known as the Savannah Way.

If you are looking to tour the top end and experience culture in an authentic way, we encourage you to choose the road less traveled and meet with some of the amazing people we work with. In planning your trip, feel free to contact us so we can help you navigate along the way. 

To help guide you, we have created a list of some of the highlights of where we have been or who we work with that we would recommend visits to. Check out our new page @

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