Want to care for country?

A feature from The Nature Conservancy

Do you want to do your part and help make our world a little greener, a little more sustainable?

Perhaps you’re already taking steps. Like re-using glass jars, growing your own veggie patch, or composting. Or all of the above.

You want to do it to put our planet on a better path for your kids and grandkids. You want to do it because it’s the right thing to do.

But where do you start and what can you do?

Armed with these simple tips for your everyday life, we know you’re you’ll be ready to go out and put them into action immediately.

Remember, it’s important that you focus on steps that you’re excited about and that help you stretch a bit more beyond what you’re already doing. Don’t feel like you have to do everything at once.

If something ends up being too much, give yourself permission to switch it up and push yourself in a different direction that may feel better.

Then spread the word with your positive enthusiasm. Your excitement has the power to inspire others to follow your lead. Our planet’s facing big challenges and we need all hands on deck to create a more sustainable future.

That makes every person and every action you take an important step in the right direction.

You start right here > Download the Everyday Sustainability Guide for seven straightforward things you can do in your everyday life that science shows can make a difference.


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